bosch 800 series microwave combination wall oven reviews

The 800 series electric lower oven comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so you can gain full control from anywhere using the Home Connect app – preheat on the way home or set a timer from bed. Large Capacity - This is Wolf's biggest wall oven. Both elements turn on as needed to maintain the set temperature inside the oven. Thermador even makes a "triple stack" that combines a microwave with a regular convection oven and a warming drawer. It has only been in use for a few months, but we've been pleased so far. Very even temps. If you have some wiggle room, you can consider larger single wall ovens that give you even greater flexibility and cooking capacity. A word of caution, you need to take out the racks before initiating the self clean program. So when it's time to purchase, don't forget about the reason you need an oven in the first place — to cook food fast, effectively, and deliciously. THe oven itself is very large, nice big window - cooks everything very well and I think i've tried every thing. We have had clients install the Kitchenaid and they have been happy with it. Many manufacturers have now solutions to shorten preheating. A convection oven comes with a fan on the backwall which helps move the air, so you get even results. This feature is designed to save you time to preheat ahead of time. It took me a while to gently, correctly, tap the button. The only matching I need to watch for is between Single Oven and Warming Drawer as distance between will not create issues between SS look, 36" Cooktop Capital Maestro for $ 1393.00 - have no experience with this brand as presently using DCS and love it. I guess it is designed for tall people only! Most high-end ovens now come with preset recipes that can cook a delicious meal precisely. Gentle bake: Ideal for lasagna. Cooking can be messy. My appliances will be 2 yrs. Surjit Kalsi made the first residential range for U.S. Appliance (Viking), left and founded DCS, and is president & CEO of Capital. How would you like to cook your very own full rotisserie chicken at home, anytime you want? Wifi - The GE app preheats your oven, assists with helpful recipes, will update your oven with additional recipes. Therefore, we covered the French door ovens in a stand-alone article. Sorry for my earlier goofy response-and I wasn't even drinking. Unlike some of our subsequent selections, 3 self-cleaning oven racks are approved for and stay unblemished in the oven self-cleaning cycle. Ideal for pizza, pies, and tarts that require a crisp base. If you don't mind having an oven that appears filthy and unkempt after only a few months of light use, then a Bosch might be right up your alley. Max temperature is lower as the convection fans do a great job in even heat distribution. He mentioned that this problem occurs randomly. I don't like the broiilers but that's likely user error altho I still don't like closed door broiling. FYI, have you checked your cooktop for minimum size exhaust? GE Profile runs a strong promotion where you can get $300 to cover your installation costs. Cooking Power & Capabilities Obviously your oven and microwave handle a different range of tasks., Bosch DW was marginally higher than the KA,, None did well in bottom freezer French door refridges, II KEBS209BSS. Thanks to the smart connectivity your oven will get this update automatically. It has heating elements on top and bottom as well as convection so we didn't really lose an oven. Hth. The top oven is also taller than the bottom one, and so is the door, about 25" tall. While stoves are a popular choice in many kitchens, high-end homes are frequently opting for separate cooktops and wall ovens that blend seamlessly with the kitchen and give a more custom look to your home. Would vote none of the above on the refridgerators and sorry can't comment on the microwave other than check out the drawers if you don't already have a two ovens figured out via a range. Based on this, I'm leaning towards the 500 series oven with the roller rack accessory. SoftClose door hinges, easy access 3 telescopic racks provide convenience. This removes the possibility of any cold air pockets remaining in the oven. Below you will find the best models and brands currently available on the market. In short order, grease began to build up between the two glasses. ... At Bosch, we continuously aim to improve our website and the information we provide. ft. Cafe is GE's specialized high-end brand, and this single wall oven from their lineup is a real winner. Thanksgiving time is when all of the large kitchen appliances price start to plummet. I think the preheat time is slow, and I do sometimes dislike turning the knobs endlessly to set the timer, but its performance has been stellar. The HBL87M52UC 800 Series Microwave Combination Oven from Bosch offers 1.6 cu. Considering Bosch and Electrolux double wall ovens myself. I'm looking at the Bosch 500 and 800 series single wall ovens and microwaves. Flush-mount - You can seamlessly integrate this wall oven in your cabinets. Fine baking, steady temps, fast preheat. The lighting is better in the 800. You'll also love the striking hardware finishes that include stainless steel, black stainless steel, brushed copper, and brushed bronze accents on the handle. You pretty much have to buy the telescopic rack and that's another $300!. This basic electric double oven features thermal technology, 4.6 cubic feet of cooking space and only a few advanced settings. Most convection ovens feature a drop down door. Alternative is to buy a cheap microwave that works well and hide it in a cabinet which I’m totally fine with. Electric ovens have become more common in recent years thanks to their flexibility and the fact that gas ovens don't offer many specific advantages over their electric counterparts. So I just tapped a few pads and it does make a sound but neither dh nor I thought it was annoying. Since each one of these oven types come with a myriad of features, we thought that it might be the best to review separately. After cooking all this holiday week we can't wait to get two 30" wall ovens installed! The Bosche 800 is a little more expensive than other brands. Maxi Broil: 400–575 F intense broiling to sear steaks. Bosch … Convection cooking performance - Dual fans blow hot air to create an even heat distribution and aid in rapid preheat. Most high-end ovens have an end-to-end process where you can press a button and leave all racks inside. Quick note on the multi-point temperature probe. Thermador lets you do exactly that with the MED301WS. Other manufacturers add steam into the mix to loosen soil from oven walls. Convection Broil: 200–500 F ideal to cook thick pieces of meat thoroughly. Width: 29 3/4" | Height: 28 5/8" | Cutout: W 28 5/8" H 27 5/16" No flush install | Convection: Yes | Cleaning: Self Clean with Steam Clean Option | Wi-Fi: Yes | Capacity: 5.0 cu. However, the racks glide so easily that I haven't felt the need to make the purchase. Like you, I had planned to add the rolling shelf to my Bosch oven. In the world of appliances we call convection ovens simply "wall ovens" although they are installed in kitchen cabinets rather than in a cavity carved in your wall. Otherwise i would have gotten the 500 oven. Features including wifi connectivity don't always make or break an oven, but they can go a long way in making your cooking experience more enjoyable, convenient, and efficient. Those include Dual VertiCross convection cooking, which ensures faster preheats, more consistent cooking on any rack, and the perfect doneness every time. The Bosch Microwave Combination Oven Features a Wall Oven With a SmoothClose Door ... 800 Series Combination Oven 30'' Stainless steel HBL8752UC. I'd say get the oven that has the features and look you like at the price point you want. Best Reliable Wall Oven: Cafe CTS70DP2NS1. The main benefit I see (though it would be inconvenient to use since its being mounted below the counter and I am 6'6") is that we could get rid of our toaster oven which is something we would love to have off the counter. I called my appliance dealer and was told that it will cost $300.00 to clean between the glasses. Delay, what delay? In terms of preheating, you can use the Cafe app to get and early start on preheat. My oven is installed under the counter, and I too preferred knobs for ease of setting. For the microwave, the 800 series gets better reviews … With … Went with Appliances Connection online and got amazing prices on KA dishwasher, fridge and Elux wall oven. It is not unusual to see evidence of cooking in an oven but at one point it is nice to get a good clean. Overall the new Bosch wall ovens have a cleaner aesthetic than their old line. The oven is not a year old, there is no warranty on the problem, and Bosch appears to be unconcerned that I will have to spend a good amount of money to clean up their mistakes. Reading reviews about the 800 series wall oven, I've learned that (1) the touch controls require considerable force to respond, (2) there is a required delay between each keypress, (3) each keypress emits a loud beep. You can even pair this oven in a stacked format with other Thermador products such as the steam oven or the coffee maker. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find anywhere that has the 800 series oven actually connected.How long have you had yours? We considered all 3 of the ovens you mention and finally chose the Bosch 500 series wall oven. The key is to do your research, not only into the brands and models available but also into the features, design elements, and cooking capabilities that matter most. Or maybe you’re just curious to learn more about the different types of range…, What exactly is an over the range microwave? Thanks for the insights.I am most likely going to go 500 series for the oven, microwave and fridge (counter depth side by side) and the SHX68R55UC dishwasher which has integrated controls but has a display window for cycle information.I've looked at Thermador and Gaggenau for the ovens but can't stomach the price and am suspicious of touch controls. Appliances are so tricky to choose! I love it but i agree that the controls are harder to use than a dial. Vermont59, where did you find your fridge for such a great price? I was considering a speed oven (24") instead of a drawer microwave. i will not recommend that anyone install any Bosch product because this company does not seem to care about the quality of their products and particularly does not express concern over their customers' satisfaction. ft. Capacity, Temperature Probe, Wifi Enabled, Stainless Steel colour Canada Just keep working hard and have an open mind and sense of humor. All in all, the Miele H6281BP will fend for itself in the crowded wall oven space. As for the cooking power, you'll love the built-in recipe guides and temperature recommendations for specific dishes. Overall, this is yet another world-class product from Bosch. I want drain as the power can cut off in winter there for over a week and need it to be able to drain and not all over our hardwood floors, I lived and died by this site when we built our house 11 years ago and truly look forward to your thoughts everyone. The oven even lets you know the ideal internal temperature for a wide range of foods to ensure they're done, tender, and not overcooked. The touch controls do not require force at all-just gently lay your finger on the spot. But it just isnt a "speed" oven? The second was the prior model 800 series combination convection microwave that this new model replaced. Other reviews complained about the touch pad, noise from the fan, and warm air blowing out when cooking. Bosch HBL5551UC Review The Bosch 500 Series HBL5551UC is a wall double oven that provides the basic necessities for baking. We novices wanted to hit the ground running but then we get scared by non scary things. Easy when you know how to do it. Best Support and Service - Sub-Zero/Wolf company is known for its outstanding customer care. Oh, it's late and I am punchy. I don't want to possible steer you wrong, but I've never heard those complaints before. The reviews on it are great, but I'm having trouble picturing it in my kitchen, and no one near me has any models to see in person! 30" wall oven Kitchenaid or GE Profile or??? One Bosch representative responded with "not under warranty because the problem is cosmetic, not functional." It does need a deliberate but light touch. Like we mentioned at the top of this guide, no one can tell you exactly which wall oven model is the perfect fit for you. How about a smart microwave that follows your instructions automatically so you don’t have to do much…. Intensive bake: At 125 to 475 F this mode simulates a brick oven. Close. Ladies. Wall Ovens; Combination Ovens; Products; Cooking & Baking; Combination Ovens. Previous Next. ft. lower oven capacity. Any reliability issues? You can trust Wolf with any questions from getting the best out of your oven to field support issues. Then hold your breath and say a prayer that it lasts more than 5 years. The Bosch 800 Series dishwasher delivers a sparkling clean and dry with advanced PrecisionWash technology and patented CrystalDry technology. Bosch microwave combination ovens create an all-in-one cooking center with an upper microwave and a Genuine European Convection oven below ... 800 Series Combination Oven 30'' Stainless steel HBL87M53UC. I have a Bosch single wall oven, model HBN3450UC, installed in May of 2012. A Bosch convection oven offers the largest capacity on the market to accommodate a dish for every taste. Profile, another brand from GE, is also known for its stylish and functional appliances. The upper Bosch speed oven pairs the cooking qualities of a conventional oven with the speed of microwave technology making cooking times faster than a traditional wall oven. Best wishes. Warranty - Two year parts and labor warranty stands out among other manufaturers. So, please make sure you know which one is available on the oven you are targeting. This Bosch 800 Series wall oven is a top seller thanks to its modern, clean front facade and its ability to handle a wide range of cooking tasks. You have had years of success. I haven't used it often enough to comment on its performance but I am very disappointed about the design. I can't reach it from the front or right because the door is too big, and I can't reach it from the left because the oven is located near a wall on the left side. You may want to use the oven before ordering the gliding rack. More than any other factor, personal preference should be the deciding element of your search for the right single wall oven for you. I do admit to needing to read the manual again. This speed oven is great for anyone who is new to speed ovens. I really like it so far, but the one thing I keep tripping up on is having to touch "START" to make the silly thing actually cook. Some of the higher burner cooktops I am seeing are requiring a 42" for a 36" cooktop. I asked to have a superviser contact me but even after two follow up contacts with this person, no supervisor has responded. All without the mess of deep-frying. You can turn on or off the convection fan in a modern oven to accommodate your recipe. PRO TIP - Make sure to contact our staff at (888) 714-4938 to inquire about exclusive savings on all wall ovens. Again, not an issue for me. @westsider40 - one of the reviews I read (possibly on AJ Madison, possibly elsewhere - read so many now!) I use convection in the microwave probably half the time I use it at all. I own a Bosch 500 series 27" wall oven. As an example, an M-touch Miele oven feels like having a personal chef in your kitchen - simply follow the steps on the menu. Funny. i will not recommend that anyone install any Bosch product because this company does not seem to care about the quality of their products and particularly does not express concern over their customers' satisfaction. Thanks for the reply. Bosch tops the design with a soft-close door. I like the flat surface from a look and cleaning perspective (I know the knobs on the 500 push in, but the completely flat surface is nice). Easy-to-use menu - Straightforward menu selection makes life easy. On the other hand, the 500 has some touch controls too.I played with a 500 at Lowe's today (but of course it was not plugged in) and wondered if rotating them would get tiresome as rovo indicated above. I am very interested in what everyone's opinions are as well. You can get them as a single or double-oven configuration. Bosch 800 Series HBL87M53UC Microwave Wall Oven, 30 inch Exterior Width, One Compartment Convection, One Compartment Self Clean, 6.2 cu. If you want to feel like a master chef in your own kitchen, this oven is a great choice with all the programming it comes with (Bake, Broil, Max Broil, Roast, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Max Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Dehydrate, Proof, Warm, Pizza, True Convection, Speed Convection, Rotisserie, Slow Roast). Manufacturers even make special trim kits to ensure design continuity when matching 2 different size ovens. I don't think this is something you would notice when you look at it in the store, at least I did not, but when you install it in a typical cabinet (12" drawer at bottom and cupboard on top) the top oven is quite high, uncomfortably so. So far, this company stands firm on its claim that the problem is cosmetic and it is caused by "condensation and grease build up during cooking." Through the process, I switched gears and ended up with a 'touch' type oven instead (Elux wave-touch). Also, many "precision cooking" programs means no preheating time to save you time. Learn more. ft. upper oven capacity and 4.6 cu. Bosch microwave combination wall ovens create an all-in-one cooking center with a microwave oven on top of a Genuine European Convection oven below. The more people the attorneys can speak with, the better chance they have at getting a class action lawsuit on file. While it handles all of the standard cooking tasks with ease, its the extra features that really make an impact in this model. Good luck! Having had to turn much smaller and less convenient knobs on previous appliances, to set the timer, I can't say I find the 500 knobs a bother at all!While I know there's a learning curve for touch pads etc, you might want to consider whether anyone else is likely to use your oven: I'm not the only cook in the house, and I don't want an appliance that my MIL, for example, can't work out how to use when she visits. Your safest bet is to choose from brands that have an established reputation developed over years or even decades, as they'll be more likely to offer long-lasting reliability and customer satisfaction ratings that you'll appreciate. I really, really, dislike touch controls. More advanced convection in wall ovens also have the ability to adjust the speed of the fan automatically based on the selected program. No one tests microwave ovens like we do. If you're considering making an oven purchase from a brand you don't recognize, do some digging first to find out whether actual customers have been satisfied with their choices. Original review: Nov. 23, 2020. Have more questions about single wall ovens? European convection - Give you the ability to use it for single dish or multi-rack cooking. So far, this company stands firm on its claim that the problem is cosmetic and it is caused by "condensation and grease build up during cooking." I have the Bosch 800 doulble ovens and love them.

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