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The TastyKake Cherry Pie was identical to the former Hostess Pie. Sure miss the good ole’ days!!!! Classifieds - Post Your Classifieds For Free. Much less, good cherry or lemon fried pies! Mine on the other hand had not been met. I am really going to show my age by saying this but I can remember when the cherry pies had cherries in them. And the filling in both the cupcakes and zingers was awful…almost marshmallowy? Have been eating Hostess products since the early 70’s. Someone must still be buying their product since they are still in business. I was so happy to see the pies and Twinkies at our local market. These are firm like the good old days. The cupcakes, both Orange and chocolate, are lumpy, disgusting, dry crap. It’s unbelievable that someone is actually buying them. soft gooey crust, color was all worng. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The yellow cake and chocolate cake. Don’t they realize that I’d pay more for a good product? I’ve never tasted a Hostess Apple Pie, I guess because I learned very young to make my own fired pies, but something I do remember is the Mrs. Baird’s Devil Dog…..I guess the Hostess Pie must have had a pie crust type of dough, all the recipes that I see for Fried Pies seem to have a pie dough recipe…being from Texas I learned from my grandmother eons ago (I’m 78) that she used a buttermilk biscuit dough for her friend pies with a pinch of sugar added to the dough, she rolled them out about 7 inches or so & not too thin, put the fruit filling in it, folded it over crimped it good with the tines of a fork and fried them in her cast iron skillet. But I do not like the Hostess of today, since their comeback every product that is disguised as the sweetest come back ever does not taste the same as the “Original Hostess Snack Cakes” …I have been very disappointed in every purchase I have made which includes TWINKIES, DING DONGS, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES, HO-HO’S , FRIED PIES & ZINGERS….each of these products are much smaller in size and the taste is awful ! I found a pie that reminds me of the old Hostess Fruit Pies, especially the Apple Pies. J.J’S ARE PRETTY GOOD Sincerely and respectfully but severely disappointed. The new Hostess pies are horribly dried out with spackle like filling and mummified crust that falls to crumbs at a glance. According to Hostess, Donettes are the country’s most popular doughnuts—you rarely find a supermarket, corner market, or convenience store without at least a few packages on the shelf. Zingers are decent too, still looking for the elusive Suzy q. I don’t think that it’s simply that they’re not the same, it’s also that our taste buds have learned to realize the difference between a pastry with so much preservatives that it tastes like cardboard compared to a real pastry dough. I’ve had them both warm and cold yummy! The shill who wrote the piece clams it is because of the negativity against these kinds of products. It was way, way too sweet and had a very noticeable aftertaste. These are basically exactly like the classic coconut-leaning Crunch Donettes but with cinnamon, which makes them automatically better, and feel much more authentic to a real donut than a gas station pick-me-up. No company could hold a candle to the waxy feel of the chocolate covering my frosted Hostess and Dolly Madison Gems. If you disagree, fine, but throwing out accusations like you have been just makes me think that you are the one with something to hide. We never put a thin sugar glaze on them, and they were not as firm like cardboard as the manufactured ones, but they were melt in your mouth flavorful and a handful. I will never buy another hostess product again, the product that made them an american icon is now a fake relic of a much much better time.. I tried the new Hostess a year or so back when the new owners relaesed the NEW products. The cream centers aren’t as annoyingly sweet as the American version seems to be. If it’s almost a month until the expiration date, you’re probably good. My favorite now (with the “Sweetest Comeback Ever”): Give it up (I will never be a champion anyway). I just make my own at home. Couldn’t disagree more. 3 donuts (53g) Nutrition Facts. Place the oil in a large liquid measuring cup, and add the … 240 calories. Also, when I was young my Mom would buy a box of Ding Dongs and freeze them; we loved to eat them frozen and the creme filling would be firmer and give the frozen treats extra kick; I froze a couple of the new Ding Dongs and there wasn’t enough creme filling to even notice it was there. Maybe they have always been dry… I go to my local grocery store and see the products like the soggy, smashed pies and the keep selling out! At first it didn't seem like that big of a deal because I had switched to Dolly Madison snacks, especially in the summer months. If I happen to buy a Hostess donut product again, it will be one of the other favors. I’ve looked in five towns, two states (and out west that means something), different distributors, about a dozen stores. maybe…) Any hoo, the lemon was a thick light lemony colored curd that had just the right tangy delight and creamy texture. I bought a bag of Hostess Powdered Donettes in Florida and they tasted gummy so I threw them out. - Surprised no. I had become comfortable with the thought that my last meal would probably include a mini chocolate donut. I, like thousands of others, began looking for alternatives. I quickly found a replacement in the Dolly Madison chocolate donut!! I did, because I wanted to make sure before I shattered her dream come true. I was addicted to those pies for decades. Each donut will bake up slightly different because of the crumbs melting and crisping on the donuts. Boy! I buy a box and my “still very much a junk food” awful taste is only exceeded by an awful after taste. REALLY? Chocolate and yellow is how it has always been. I was wrong. This is not something I made up. No more hostess pies for us.. I watched as my daughter took a bite and all of the tingle left her eye. Top each mold with the remaining donut batter (the molds will be filled almost, or till, the top). Read the comments, we’re not making it up. ... Take a bite into the cupcakey goodness of Hostess® Chocolate CupCakes. Every now and then I’ll buy some treat that I liked as a kid and wow here is another item gone. That is until Hostess decided it was time to close up shop and go out of business. because this was nothing like a hostess fruit pie. The donuts look soft and glisten with a locked in moisture that is a great sign for $2 grocery ‘nuts. You are so obviously not alone. But no more Hostess for me. Damn. Don’t they have anyone taste testing their finished products? Try aldis fry pies!!! If I go in next week and they are still smashed I will post a photo and if that doesn’t embarrass the brass at Hostess, then they have to quality control and really don’t care. I will have to say though that the orange cupcakes are still good. I wonder if our Hostess driver is running over them with a truck before he brings them in? If your children are spiting out their pies they must really be awful because children don’t lie when it comes to a beloved snack. Suzy Q’s aren’t due back until March 2014 and I might not be happy with them the way this new company is going. They crunched the numbers and found a way to squeeze out a little more profit. As that was the only flavor on the shelf, I decided to try one. I’ve had a chocolate and an apple, but I don’t know if they have any others. It’s the worst of all of them now! I just tried a Lemon Pie that was packaged in their “new” box. The look and taste were spectacular, especially to a 10 year old kid. They were the best and nothing was even close! The Cupcakes were awful. I’ve gotta tell you they were one of the great American foods that was a part of my life, and now it’s gone! To call that hideous thing an apple pie is, well, unAmerican. Where is the fat bulge of tart real apple bits in tasty filling that I loved as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s? I’m sure that helps. My conclusion is if you are going to get one of these pies, you need to look at the expiration date, and only buy it if it is a long way off. I came to the Web to see if anybody else felt that the NEW Hostess were bad as well. Whatever it was, only the wrapper is the same. The donette doesn’t crumble at all and has a perfect squish as I chew that works well with the sweet crunchy exterior. I personally am disappointed with the new Hostess. its horrible, hostesss was my favorite hands down. The blackberry are my favorite, but the cherry, apple and lemon are good too. I loved fruit pies years ago, and I’m enjoying the ones that have returned to the shelves. Try a Canadian made Hostess Twinkie. Life was good again. 2. I loved Hostess Products once upon a time ! I know this comment is late. It was soft and sagged towards the middle of the pie. 2 teaspoons nutmeg. Thank you for your service to the pie-loving community. since i had moved down south i thought maybe its a regional thing and hostess wasnt in my region, but then boom the third years cravings hit my like a rock when i was scrolling thru the isles of a supermarket and tere they were calling my name. Make the Donuts: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly mist a donut pan with nonstick spray. And where’s the Ding Dongs? I’ll be talking about it on my show today. Just to help anyone on the fence about the Hostess Powdered Donettes…they have changed too! they were always FRESH and delicious. I’ll try to find some. She slowly unwrapped the pie and removed the zig zag pattern bottom piece. I was so excited when I saw their pies on the shelve.Unfortunately they must change recipe, and now it’s ugly.We (family of four)were eating their cherry pies for over thirty years.About ten pies a week.Not anymore! I don’t understand the idea of another company buying Hostess, and then changing all the Hostess product lines. Hostess Maple Glazed Mini Donettes. I was almost giddy as I filled my basket with several of the fried pies and knew my daughter would be ecstatic. She tossed the pie in trash as I asked her if the Mrs. Baird's was much better. The Hostess Apple pies were the only thing I was looking forward to coming back when I heard Hostess was being resurrected. I hate to think of how bad they are going to eff up the jelly filled…. A coworker alternated between donette gems and Stella D’oro Breakfast Treats and I grubbed from him everyday. Only apple pie because I though the cherry tasted like acid. (I felt like I was eating Play-Doh.). Had my first “new” apple pie today…YUCK!!! These new ones are shipped, and stored frozen and it shows. I’m not sure how they’ll stay in business if something doesn’t change. Yuck! That’s right, Hostess have put a spicy spin on their tasty crunch mini donuts, and to be honest it’s such an obvious twist I can’t believe this hasn’t already been done. They have a after taste to them, must be using cheaper ingredients. Yes! lerhaps they were so,d out. I think I’ll take a pass. or drop the name hostess altpgether. I probably won’t bother now. People keep buying everything from my local grocery store. Wonder where the Ding Dongs are? I have a friend who works for little Debbie. Like their father, each of my girls had become very attached to their own Hostess product back in the day. Thanks LL. I noticed they were smaller as well. We were in a store yesterday and I swear the pies were only a 1/4″ thick! Maybe it's because I'm use to brands like Krispy Kreme because these definitely did not hit the spot for me. Maybe you work for the company that makes Mrs. Baird’s? I had bought an apple pie the other day and bleck, they just don’t taste the same anymore. I certainly had more than my fair share growing up and knew exactly what to expect…but they were nothing like what I knew they should be – less cakey, the ingredients had changed, powdered sugar tasted weird, etc. I've found my beloved chocolate Donettes here and there but not in a steady enough supply that I think I'll ever get hooked again. Some well educated mental dwarf with an MBA figured out how to market the pies for about a dollar and taste/quantity was NOT a consideration. The difference between the new and the old. Let the thing I remember most was getting a hostess cherry pie. Over the last several years they have gotten worse and worse, in my opinion. As a kid the filling had actual cherries in it. I will never buy Hostess again. The snacks I used to hide from my kids, to secretly eat after they went to bed…went straight to them after 1 bite. Hostess new items are not even up to the low standards of interstate brands a company I believe they merged with, absolute garbage products. Velveeta cheese, Miracle Whip just to mention a couple of things. I tried mine and thought “WOW what is going on? I hear a company from Mexico bought Hostess. - I tried it, and to my surprise it was the old Hostess apple pie taste. - Layne I agree! I noticed Hostess Apple Pie “my favourite” are not the same as they were maybe 15 years ago… a total disappointed, but this story has a happy ending… I was at Dollar Tree the other day and I noticed they had Little Debbie Apple Pies in a paper bag (kinda like the old Hostess used to be packaged like) and I thought….. ok let’s give it a try…. Calorie breakdown: 38% fat, 59% carbs, 4% protein. Personalized health review for Hostess Mini Donuts, Crumb: 430 calories, nutrition grade (D), problematic ingredients, and more. All three. Repeat with the remaining donuts, adding more honey to the dipping bowl as necessary. The Hostess fruit pies were basically fried pies with a golden crust and a combination of real fruit and goop inside. It was flat and squishy. All of the posters can’t be wrong. - The new HoHos are so sugary that I couldn’t enjoy them. Seems like everyone has gone to a box and all pies are now soft and squishy. if you get a chance taste for yourself you will be glad. They’re awesome. This is ridiculous and SO way off. Do they not have tasters? Donut shops! As I pulled out the green Hostess wrapper she immediately recognized her once favorite treat. Yesterday I found the new box of Hostess MINI fruit pies!!! The filling was a strange brownish goo that tasted very inferior and very artificial. My happiness was not all drama free though. I too unwrapped the green paper and removed the paper waffle in the bottom. And was shocked at how bad it had become. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I’M WRITING THIS!!!! Walmart carries them. I soon became very comfortable with this situation and even lost 20 pounds because I able to maintain the same number of calories everyday. I was going to give them back to her but noticed the package was not soggy like it was before. Geez. DOESN’T fill half of the shell, and here in California, maybe they are using a different fruit substitute than what you and your readers have tasted, yours might be derived from cow’s hoofs and ours might be derived from barnacles, I don’t really want to know, but this “stuff” is a bright transparent yellow coloured citrus flavoured adhesive. For you see, others had caught on to my newly found treasure. Hostess….you were better off dead. They are not the same! I’ve tried Franz Apple pies and they’ve improved to almost look and taste exactly like the original hostess Apple pie, but still not the same. Judging by the reviews on Amazon, the chocolate ones are also different. - Good luck! Opening the tall white bag it’s no surprise I’m greeted by a sweet wafting cinnamon sugar smell that is fresh and lovely. They took a longer time to appear in stores than the other Hostess imposters, and they were nothing like I remember. A crunchy topping and glaze makes these Cinnamon Crumble Donuts a delicious breakfast choice. I seem to remember reading somewhere after the bankruptcy filing that it was unclear if the new Hostess would receive the recipes from the original bakeries. Neither store bought nor homemade. There was no need to purchase them if they were going to change everything. first of all I have never found any lemon pies which were my favorite… but after reading all these reviews, I guess I’ll have to find a replacement… which I’m sure will be most difficult! Lo and behold I was soon to find out that Hostess had actually, at some point, become the parent company of Dolly Madison. Suzie-q’s, Twinkies, host cupcakes, snowballs) are bad. I loved it all and even before the Original Hostess left the scene, I often lamented the loss of many of my favorite flavors that became available only regionally or disappeared altogether (miss you blueberry!). Blecch! But they are great. Sigh…..I was afraid this might be the case. Wow! I found one apple pie left in a San Pedro convenience store, and could not wait to experience the gooey sweetness again. This ultimately led to melted donuts, donuts stuck together and donuts with the frosting stuck to the bag rather than the donut. This is a child that asks for very little and does not show extremes of emotion. Where is that sugar-glazed golden crust? I’m not certain it’s food at all. Did not taste the same. EVER!! the following year i couldnt find the fruit pies either. The prominent flavor is sweet, but the lovely aromatic spiciness of cinnamon lingers in the back and keeps them from being too sugary. It looks like I am going to have to give all the cakes a try. I’d still miss the old Hostess but these are getting me by. A little smashed in the center. In fact they still seem to come a bit melted and have lost that bit of magic they once had over me. Worst come back ever. And the yellow cupcakes…. He said he thinks they freeze them until ready to ship but not sure about that. Let me say that I was pretty much in shock the first week or two after the announcement and that soon turned into desperation as the available supply of my delicious snacks began to dwindle. I picked up some chocodiles and to my disappointment they were just the new twinkies dipped in chocolate. I will stick with fond memories rather than trying to recapture my childhood. I bought cherry and it was awful! Just bought 4 Hostess apple pies from Wal-mart and ate one of them. - LOL! trying to make a buck off someone elses good name and tarnishing it for life, im appaled they tried to take the pride of hostess and destroy it in such a way.. the original fruit pies were a bit pricey but always worth it. Please stop accusing people of being Hostess shills just because they disagree with you, I have no connection to Hostess or it’s new parent company. Maybe Hostess didn’t give the company that bought their divisions their original recipes. Who did the taste tests that cleared these to be sold …I go to the store and stare at them and cry. Take heart, you’re prayers have been answered! The pie crumbled in her hand and she made one of those faces that only kids can make when they eat something they hate. And seeing where Drake’s isn’t coming back, I just tried the first Hostess pie since they’ve been back. They suck everywhere. Hostess has failed and I promise you, these fruit pies are not the same as they used to be. These new Hostess pies were not firm at all. Just tried the hostess cherry pie, the cherry pies I’ve been eating for 25 years, and it was absolutely god awful! These new pies taste horrible. Are other people getting smashed pies EVERY week? I have had Entenmann’s minis as of October 2020 and they are decent. I wish they start making them like they used to again. I think I’ve seen those. I saw the Zingers on the shelf and they are half the size they used to be. My early favorite was the cherry pie. I was at Wal-Mart the other day AND there they were: a display of Hostess products with my beloved Apple Pies on top. Which is what brought me here…. back in that say they also had a banana flip pie that was incredible, a pineapple pie that was to die for! They weren’t any better. They are nothing now like they used to be! Did the first batches of the new pies not have any icing on the crust? The demise of Hostess will be soon and it will not come back again because of terrible quality. After reading your post, I can pretty much bet that the others I bought will be just as disappointing and disgusting as the first. They are decent. They changed the filling and it’s no longer the tart cherry pie filling one would expect, I threw it out after one bite.

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