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Book a socially distant, in-person appointment or shop online. These affordable instruments also offer a variety of inspiring features suitable for everyone in the family, and have attractive cabinet designs that will complement any room. Digital Kawai keyboards have a standard of 88 keys starting from a low A to a high C with seven full octaves in between. There's currently an end of financial year sale in Australia putting the CN37 at $2300. USB memory devices can also be used to play back MP3 or WAV audio files, allowing musicians to learn the chords or melody for a new piece, or to simply play along with their favourite songs. The Kawai Sound. Here are the features and a video. var W_DEBUG = false; The weight of the keyboard is appropriately graded to mirror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while structural reinforcements within the action assembly ensure greater stability during fortissimo and staccato passages. document.documentElement.initCustomerAccountsModels++ Through research and innovation, Kawai pushes the possibilities of piano making to include new concepts, designs, and materials. View Details Applying for financing is quick and easy! com_currentSite = "967705386206649633"; Kawai ES Series. .wsite-phone {} Regular price $3,399.00 $2,699.00 Sale. A new standard in digital piano value and performance. With a keyboard touch that is considered by many to be the very best in its class, the CN39 stands in a class all its own. _W.storeName = "Nathan Rose Music"; Most Kawai digital piano keyboards have Ivory Touch key surfaces. Neufs Kawai CN39 - Piano droit 1,690.00 € En savoir plus (E-MAIL) Contacter le vendeur. A piano is a musical instrument that is played with both hands and has a wide range of notes produced by it. _W.Commerce = _W.Commerce || {}; USB TO DEVICE FUNCTIONALITY, WITH MP3/WAV FILE RECORDING AND PLAYBACK. The CN39 digital piano captures the magnificent tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano. })(); Description Kawai CN39 Digital Piano . The improved piano source of the CN39 digital piano is that of the incomparable Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano. .wslide-caption-text {} KAWAI CN39 DIGITAL PIANO. _W.Commerce.hasCart = true; .wsite-image div, .wsite-caption {} Kawai CN39 Digital Piano, Satin Black - A piano you can feel. Kawai CN-39 Digital Piano. Kawai works to build the most innovative digital and analog pianos while remaining a dedicated steward to the global community’s environment. Supplementing the realistic acoustic piano voices, the CN39 digital piano also features an excellent selection of over 350 instrument sounds, ranging from electric pianos and drawbar and church organs, to strings, human choirs, and even atmospheric synth-style pads, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances. In addition to grade-weighted hammers, the Responsive Hammer III keyboard action also features counterweights embedded within each black and white key. With hundreds of instrumental sounds, unsurpassed piano tone and excellent keyboard touch, the CN39 is a class-leading instrument that is a delight to musicians everywhere. MPN. We stock a range of digital, upright & grand Kawai pianos at our UK store. Exceptional Touch, Tone, Quality & Value KAWAI is proud to present the CN Series ? These premium components combine to deliver best-in-class audio quality, producing an extremely rich, clear sound with minimal distortion. About 51% of these are piano, 24% are other musical instruments & accessories, and 12% are toy musical instrument. .wsite-background {background-image: url("/uploads/6/9/3/7/69379563/background-images/314684269.jpg") !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-position: 50.00% 39.73% !important;background-size: 100% !important;background-color: transparent !important;} Kawai CN39 Digital Piano - Black Satin finish. The player can select one of three different acoustic presets that adjust the spatial positioning of the sound, while also helping to reduce auditory fatigue when using earphones or headphones for extended periods of time. Complementing the instruments’ excellent Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and impressive Progressive Harmonic Imaging piano sound, the CN39 also offers a strong selection of digital piano features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment. The volume balances for each playing mode can also be adjusted quickly and easily using the real-time panel controls. Similar to all of Kawai's pianos, the CN39's keyboard has been weighted to mirror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano. var initEvt = document.createEvent('Event'); * Depending on market location. Choisissez parmi 3 annonces de Kawai CN39 disponibles à la vente. initEvt.initEvent('customerAccountsModelsInitialized', true, false); Kawai ES8 It is even possible to record performances as MP3 or WAV files for emailing to friends and family, listening to on the move, or for further editing using an audio workstation. } Kawai - Trust in Japanese quality upright and grand pianos. Kawai KDP70 Digital Piano; Kawai CN39 Digital Piano; Kawai CN29 Digital Piano; Kawai GX1 Baby Grand Piano; It is our mission at Portland Piano Company to provide high quality pianos, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. The CN39 digital piano captures the magnificent tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano. STRONG SELECTION OF ADDITIONAL INSTRUMENT SOUNDS. Kawai CN39 Digital Piano. SOLD Shigeru Kawai SK-EX piano tone combined with fully grade weighted keyboard action. Your wish list is currently empty. .galleryCaptionInnerText {} The latter feature is particularly useful in learning environments, allowing teacher and student (or student and student) to play together at the same time using a single instrument. With these common features in mind, let’s look at some real digital pianos Kawai has to offer!

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