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This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. My article explaining an easy and inexpensive fecal-testing procedure appears on the Articles page of my website www.tennesseemeatgoats.com. Coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases affecting Angora goat kids and outbreaks can lead to severe losses. All artwork and graphics © DTP, Ink and Onion Creek Ranch. If fever exists, a Banamine injection would be given. Coccidiosis is caused by protozoan parasites. Coccidiosis of goats is caused by various Eimeria species of protozoan parasites. The protozoan organism causing Coccidiosis is the intestinal parasite of the genus Eimeria and is species specific -- which means that Coccidiosis in one species of animal cannot infect animals of another species. You can read more about scours and how to diagnose and treat them on this article: Diagnosing and Treating Scours in Goats. (March 6, 2018) Coccidiosis (Eimeria spp.) Suzanne Gasparotto is not a veterinarian.Neither tennesseemeatgoats.com nor any of the contributors to this website will be held responsible for the use of any information contained herein. You need to dose your goat for a full 5 days to complete the treatment as follows: The medication might say “drinking water solution” on the label, but for goats you want to give the medications orally, and undiluted. If the goat is sunk in and losing weight, I consider coccidiosis as a possibility. Once goats are infected, cocidiostat-treated feed will not cure Coccidiosis. A newborn kid would receive .1 - .2 cc (one-tenth to two-tenths of a cc) of Banamine. Learn to do fecal counts on your goats to monitor the health of your herd. Dose accurately, as overdosing will constipate the goat. Over-the-counter Biosol (neomycin sulphate) may be used if prescription products are not available. Administer/Drench directly into mouth Soluble Powder mixed as follows: dissolve one package (107 gms) in three cups of water. And if the goat is only 10 lbs, then they only get 1 CC for each of the 5 days? The problem with using a feed with coccidiostat is that you can’t be sure how much medication each of the kids are taking in. Rehydrating an adult goat that won't drink on its own requires stomach tubing in order to get enough liquid into its body. This article will highlight a recent […] So, do you mean that every month you does them for 5 days? Fecal material is more concentrated in these production environments than if the livestock are kept on pasture. See my article on Diarrhea for additional information. Rotate pastures if you are able. Even sheep and goats are affected by different species of coccidia. Diarrhea of the consistency of pudding doesn't worry me much unless it lasts for multiple days and/or has blood in it. To prevent coccidia in your herd you should: To prevent coccidiosis you should also take special care of your kids starting at 3-4 weeks of age. To treat a herd that is already infected with coccidia, administer three to five cc's of undiluted liquid Di-Methox 12.5% orally to each kid daily for five consecutive days. Follow package directions. It isn’t clear to me. Coccidia only causes disease when their numbers become so high that pathological damage is done. In conclusion, coccidiosis is preventable in sheep and goat herds. Diarrhea in kids does not always mean Coccidiosis. Coccidia is passed from the fecal matter to the mouth. The parasite causing Coccidiosis is passed through fecal-to-oral contact. This website and the articles it contains are for informational purposes only. See my article on Stomach Tubing Goats on www.tennesseemeatgoats.com. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission. The goat who needs the product the most is likely to be on the bottom of the pecking order and will get the least if you try to mass dose via water only.

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