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Summary. Similar to Hornets, the Queen Bee will rapidly fire poisonous stingers a… While losing 2 Health a second isn't much, it can be more significant over time. Hey guys! And to clarify a bit further, you can summon Queen Bee on the surface of the jungle Biome, not just underground. also queen bee gets more armor the more life she loses in expert mode, up to 20 armor so yeah eventually minishark will only deal 1 damage a hit. She is immune to the Confused debuff and can inflict the Poisoned debuff. The amount of mana stars the bee minions will drop can help fill up the mana bar during the battle. Thank you all for checking out this video! If you do get hit by a stinger, the Poisoned debuff will last longer than when you touch with Queen Bee, so make sure to dodge it. The Rotten Queen Bee will simply shoot Rotten Stingers and Corrupt Bees that inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff. Queen Bee Mask Defeat the Queen Bee for the first time. 33% The, If you are going for a melee approach, the, Anything that reduces damage is very helpful, including Expert Mode-exclusive. It will hover above you and spawn tiny Beeminions; 3. The Queen Bee as shown in the 1.2 trailer. Defense2 (Helpful on softcore as you can farm deaths). 100% A Bee Hive is a mini-biome located in the Underground Jungle. Bee Keeper Terraria > General Discussions > Topic Details. However, most Hives offer an easy arena: a decent amount of space is already carved out, and the pool of Honey at the bottom provides a health-regenerating buff which stacks with other buffs. Die Bienenkönigin Trophäe ist ein Item das von der Bienenkönigin mit einer Chance von 10% fallengelassen wird. Her defense will also increase, making weapons with low base damage values like the Minishark much weaker. Defense Während die Bienenkönigin am Leben ist, spielt die Musik Boss 5 Solid blocks can help to destroy the stingers. As of 1.4 version, the Queen Bee will also enrage when fought outside of the Jungle Biome, significantly speeding up her attacks and firing speed for the stingers. It's recommended to have at least 300 Health before you try to beat Queen Bee. Use a melee weapon, and try to track her movements by aiming where it's going to move. There is a possibility that a player can find more than one Larva Sac inside the Hive. Having them every 5 blocks is an optimal height but if your jump height is boosted in some way, you can increase the number of spaces between platforms which can save you materials. Occasionally when spawning in a new world, a larva will generate in a hive wall, causing a Queen Bee to spawn. Bee Shirt Anything that increases your vertical mobility is a godsend. I noticed Queen Bee was way tougher in Master mode than Expert, so after I got around it smoothly I thought it'd be a good idea to make a video. Stats HP If you're low on health and stayed in the Hive, remember to make use of the honey below you, which increases health regeneration, which will always stack with other regeneration buffs like Regeneration potions. Poisoned Even with limited vision it is a simple matter to avoid these charges if the player has access to a grapple of any variety and/or some form of jump enhancement by waiting near the bottom of the hive on the opposite side to the queen then jumping/grappling out of her way when she charges and landing on the other side of the hive to dodge the next charge. Since most of the ingredients used to craft it are found in the Bee Hive, it was probably created to farm the Queen Bee, or for players who wanted to fight her on the surface. Normal It increases movement speed and maximum running speed, and also causes the player to periodically generate friendly bees while running, which attack nearby enemies. One of the more dangerous attacks performed by the Queen Bee is a horizontal charge across the screen that is repeated several times. We were at a point where she spewed 10s of bees at once and was doing constant attacks we couldn't dodge. Queen Bee alternates between charging at the player (gets faster as Queen takes damage in Expert Mode) and hovering above them whilst spawning bees. To avoid accidentally spawning another one, it is advised that he/she first explore the area, and in case another one is found, it is suggested to surround it with blocks so it doesn't break with a stray bullet or area of effect spell. Jun 10, 2014 @ 7:12am How do I summon the Queen Bee I found the Queen Bee's Biome in the jungle and while preparing to fight her I was trying to kill some bees and accidently hit the Larva and while fighting her I used my magic mirror. And not from offscreen either. The Bee's Knees The charge attack is easy to predict and simple to dodge. 33% All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Terraria > General Discussions > Topic Details. Syzygy. 6.7% During the Expert and Master mode, contact damage will apply Poisoned as well. 100% The Queen Bee is a pre-Hardmode boss that spawns when a larva -like object is broken in a Hive Biome or when a player activates the Abeemination item in the jungle. Queen Bee has three distinct attack patterns: 1. The Queen Bee has 4 distinct attack patterns: When it charges you, use platforms and/or a double jump or better to dodge upwards. Queen Bee is capable of causing Poison if you get touched by it or by its stingers. Between using these attacks, the Bees fly around the player, shooting rapid-fire stingers in a similar fashion to a hornet. Due to the new enraging mechanic, figting an enraged Queen Bee outside of the Jungle can be almost impossible, especially at the early stages of the game, but is a doable deed once in Hardmode. If you can Dash, you can stand in its path and charge it just before it reaches you. While losing 2 health per second doesn't look like much, it can be significant over time. 11% Hive Wand 11% Has this ever happened to anyone else? Honey Comb The Queen Bee is a Boss summoned by breaking the Larva inside Bee Hives of the Underground Jungle or using an Abeemination anywhere within the Jungle. Sie dient nur als Dekoration und man kann sie sich in sein Haus hängen. Originally posted by Zemecton: You can only use the abeemenation inside the jungle, but you can fight the Queen Bee elsewhere after you've summoned her. 75% STATS: : 60,000 Damage: 450 (Melee) 50 (Killer Bees) 12 defense Attack style: Moves hastily while summoning killer bees. Another method is simply to build three rows of wooden platforms (or any type of platforms) and then when Queen Bee charges, simply drop down or jump up, evading her attack completely. Meanwhile, you can use the already mentioned tips for now, until you receive your first decent Summon gear (Queen Bee drops all the items you need to start to mess with this class). You can stand perfectly still upon landing which gives you a short moment to regenerate health faster. This cycle will repeat until the Queen is slain. The Queen Bee may accidentally despawn during battle.

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